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Rotary Shaft Oil Seals, Grease Sealing, Wiper Seals, High Pressure Oil Seals, Piston Seals, V-Rings, Special Metal Cased Seals, Big Bearing Seals, Textile Rubber Seals


We can offer a Solution to any type of Sealing Problem.

  • F.lli PARIS: Rotary shaft seals and custom made articles in rubber-to-metal and elastomer
  • ATS: Special large sizes rotary shaft oil seals for the heavy duty industry
  • SLIB ITALY: Bearings and bushings for valves and other applications for the hydraulic, power supply and metal industry
  • DUCI: O-Rings in various compounds with many approvals and certificates of quality. From the automotive to the food, hydraulic – heating & Sanitary Systems , and medical industry
  • OringOne: Large diameter O-Rings produced with an innovative step-molding method
  • FLUORTEN: PTFE and HPP – High Performance Polymers. Stock shapes and customized engineering components

Compound Certifications

Oil Seals and O Rings when used in certain application or in specific industry should meet the respective industry standards of Safety, Health and other considerations. These industries are Food & beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitary, and Petroleum etc. The rubber compounds of seals and O rings used in these industries require certification and should meet their standards. FP has wide range of compounds that are certified and or meet the stipulated standards of various industries and organizations.

  • NSF: NSF certified compounds are compounds used in food and beverage pro-cessing equipments.
  • FDA: The FDA has established a list of rubber compounding ingredients that tests indicate are neither toxic nor carcinogenic. Rubber compounds that are produced entirely from these ingredients and also pass the FDA extraction tests are said to "meet FDA requirements".
  • WRAS: WRAS, UK compound certification is required for rubber parts used in plumbing systems, water fittings and equipment used with water. Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Certifies that water has no contamination when it comes in contact with FP a rubber compound.
  • NORSOK: NORSOK certified compounds are used in equipments having application in petroleum industries.
  • UL: The final acceptance of a seal in a particular UL certified end-product is determined by UL approval of the rubber compound.
  • KTW and TZW: The German rubber com-pound certification foresees a list of substances for which only the compounds containing admitted ingredients can be used in sealing equipments used with cold water.
  • DVGW: DVGW certifies seal compounds for the application of industrial gas, fuel, fuel oil and water sectors.